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In this article, we will provide the steps to update TomTom device using MyDrive Connect. For assistance and support, contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

TomTom MyDrive Connect is an application available at TomTom’s official website. It is a free support application provided by TomTom to help users manage the content and services of their TomTom device. With MyDrive Connect you can register your TomTom device,

, update TomTom software, and even renew your services. TomTom MyDrive Connect is an easy way to effectively manage your device and ensure that it is well updated. MyDrive Connect is available both for Windows and for Mac.

Along with MyDrive Connect, you can also update the TomTom device using TomTom Home. We have provided the detailed steps to update TomTom using TomTom Home in our previous article. In this article, we will provide detailed steps to update TomTom using MyDrive Connect.

If you need help with updating TomTom or for any errors, contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

Steps to Update TomTom using MyDrive Connect | TomTom Support +44-808-196-8120

TomTom MyDrive Connect helps you easily update TomTom. Here are the steps-

  1. Connect your TomTom device to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. Now, turn on your TomTom device.
  3. Go to TomTom’s official website to download MyDrive Connect for your computer. TomTom MyDrive Connect is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  4. Once the download and installation of MyDrive Connect are complete, enter your email address and password to sign in.
  5. After signing in, a new window appears. Go to the “My Updates and New Items” section. Click the “Update” option located just below this section.
  6. This will start the installation process of all the available updates for your TomTom device. You can see the progress rate of the downloads and updates on the screen.
  7. Once the installation is complete, your installation screen will automatically close.
  8. You can now close TomTom MyDrive Connect and disconnect your TomTom device from the PC.

And you’ve successfully updated your TomTom. Using MyDrive Connect you can seamlessly update TomTom and keep your device travel-ready. However, there are some errors and issues that you may encounter while trying to update TomTom maps or with your TomTom device in general. I have listed some of the errors that you may encounter in the next section. For assistance with updating TomTom without any problems, contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

Common errors when updating TomTom device |  TomTom Support +44-808-196-8120

Problems and errors can occur unexpectedly and honestly, the only way you can deal with them is by knowing what exactly is the error and how to fix it. Here are some common errors that users face when updating the TomTom device. If you need assistance with TomTom errors, contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

  1. MyDrive Connect states the error “Something has gone wrong.”
  2. TomTom device is not connecting to the computer.
  3. TomTom maps download and installation is failing.
  4. Updates are not downloading.
  5. Continuous error when downloading TomTom updates.
  6. MyDrive Connect is crashing.
  7. Data transfer error.
  8. DLL missing.
  9. Very slow download or installation of updates.
  10. Your TomTom device has full memory and is low on storage.
  11. Admin password requested and MyDrive Connect stuck on “Connecting…
  12. Device not connecting.

Along with these issues, you may face several issues in your TomTom device. You may face issues with your touchscreen, voice recognition, memory, connectivity, or other hardware issues. If you need assistance with troubleshooting TomTom issues, contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

How often should you update TomTom?

TomTom updates are available on a regular basis and we recommend that you update your device frequently so that you have the latest navigation information, security features, and device features in your TomTom device.

The question that now arises is how often should you update the TomTom device? A general rule of thumb is to update your device once every three to six months. TomTom comes with software and map updates frequently and though you may not be able to perform the update immediately, it is important that you keep the storage and the data ready for updates at least every three to six months.

If you want to know if there are any free updates available or if you can get updates at a discounted price, then contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

TomTom Contact Number For Support +44-808-196-8120

One of the most trusted and the best navigation devices available worldwide, TomTom devices offer impressive navigation features that make venturing into a relatively new place feel just like a normal walk around the park. TomTom devices provide reliable and accurate navigation information. Along with these, their wide range of features including offline mode, Wifi, SIM card, voice controls, advanced warning systems, alerts, and other advanced features enhance the experience with these devices.

Owing to their wide range of features, it becomes even more essential to update TomTom devices on a frequent basis so that you don’t miss out on any new features, software updates, map updates, or bug fixes.

There is a wide range of TomTom devices that you can choose from. Carefully check the features of each of the devices and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Also, keep your device well-maintained, clean, and safe. Look out for any peculiar behaviors your device is showing and other types of errors that it is facing and troubleshoot accordingly. The earlier the better.

For assistance with TomTom device, TomTom maps update, or TomTom issues, contact TomTom Support at +44-808-196-8120.

-Published: 04/09/2020
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