How accurate is GPS tracking,Test GPS accuracy

When talking about how accurate is GPS tracking in navigation devices, it is important to consider certain factors which we will discuss in this article. We will also discuss how to test GPS accuracy and TomTom vs. Garmin GPS devices. For any support related to your personal GPS trackers, contact GPS Support Number at +44-808-196-8120.

How accurate is GPS tracking?

Normally, most GPS devices are accurate up to three meters, which provides reliable location information. With improvements in technology, the accuracy of GPS devices have also improved. Navigational devices like TomTom and Garmin offer impressive features in their devices and are among the finest in the market in terms of GPS features and accuracy.

Given that these devices give fairly accurate location information when you are pondering about how accurate is GPS tracking in your device, there are a few things that you should understand and consider. One is how GPS tracking works and the other is about the factors that impact the accuracy of GPS tracking.

How do GPS trackers work?garmin

GPS tracking is used by navigational and vehicle tracking devices to provide you with time and location information. They provide this information using their Global Positioning System technology which communicates with at least 4 GPS satellites that are orbiting around the earth. It is with the help of this communication that you get real time navigational information related to time and location in your GPS device.

Factors affecting GPS tracking accuracy | How accurate is GPS tracking

Most GPS devices are accurate up to three meters, which provides a reliable location information. While technological advancements have improved the efficiency of GPS devices, there are certain factors that impact their accuracy.

Environmental factors:

When your GPS device moves through areas with high buildings, high tress, wooded areas, jungles, underneath bridges, underground or covered spaces like parking and garages, hills and valleys, etc. then you may experience inaccuracies in the GPS tracking. Along with this, bad weather conditions may also adversely affect GPS tracking. The reason for the inaccuracy is the obstruction with the satellite communication of your device. The ideal condition where GPS tracking works seamlessly is under clear open skies.

Quality of your GPS device:Quality of your GPS device

While environmental factors do lead to inaccuracies in GPS tracking, improvements in technology and GPS devices has significantly reduced the scope of error through environmental factors. The type of device that you are using, its software, and the receiver greatly impacts how accurate is GPS tracking in your device.

To ensure that you have a reliable and high level of accuracy in GPS tracking, you must invest in a high-quality navigation device that can deliver the required results. Along with that, you must keep your device regularly updated so that you have all the latest information and features for accurate GPS tracking.

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TomTom vs. Garmin – Which is better? | How to choose your next Sat Nav

When it comes to selecting the best GPS devices in the market, the two names that can never go unnoticed is TomTom and Garmin. TomTom and Garmin are reliable brands of navigation devices, used by millions of people for real time traffic analysis and navigation. A travellers’ favourite companion, TomTom and Garmin devices are packed with impressive and latest features that makes driving through a new location or a new route seamless.

However, when buying a GPS device, you have to choose one. And the inevitable question TomTom vs. Garmin – Which is better arises. Both these devices are very reliable and have an equal score when it comes to the question of choosing one over the other. However, the ideal way to compare them is to select a specific product model from each brand and comparing them side by side. Here are the things that you should keep in mind when comparing TomTom vs. Garmin.

  1. Test GPS accuracy– Although most TomTom and Garmin devices have high GPS accuracy, understanding how accurate is GPS tracking of the Sat Nav can serve as a foundational requirement and criteria for comparison.
  2. Check the device sound– Are the pronunciations correct? Does the device audio sound robotic or is human-like? Are the audio instructions easy to follow? Are the instructions audible enough for busy noisy areas?
    You will be relying on your GPS device for all the important information regarding traffic, places, routes, and navigation. Hence, you should ensure that the audio quality is clear, easy to follow, and helpful.
  3. Check the video quality– Another important aspect to consider is the interface of your device. How does your map look? Is it easy to locate routes and places? Are the menus accessible? How is the information presented? Can you understand the information at a single glance while driving or do you have to work extra hard to understand the information presented on screen?
    It is important that what you see on screen is not just information but also easy to understand, follow through, and reliable.
  4. Check the speed– Journeys are filled with unexpected turns. Sometimes, there could be a route alteration, traffic accident, or wrong turns. How does your GPS device react to these unexpected changes?
    Does the device adjust simultaneously and provide updated information? Or does it take too long to adjust?
    This is a very important feature that you must check in the GPS device that you are planning to buy.
  5. Check ease of use– Does the GPS device easily fit in your vehicle? Is it easy to use while driving? Can you easily start and turn it off? How is its GPS signal reception? Is the touchscreen precise? Can you easily adjust important functions like volume, brightness, etc., while driving?
    No matter how good a device is, if it isn’t easy to use, it will be an inconvenience. Hence, always check the device based on your preferences and select the one that best fits your needs.

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-Published: 15/12/2020
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